You Are My Slave

“You were my slave even before you were born and when the Universe is nothing more than a rumor, you will still be mine” – the Paris BDSM dominatrix is strict but fair.

Domination is your life. His other great passion is traveling. And now it also has a cabinet: “My dungeon is my cabinet and the world.” Which does not prevent her from holding sessions at the Wanda Studio on certain occasions where her friend Mistress Natalie acts as the perfect hostess.

In Domina Mabel’s universe there are two ways of doing things: either you do them well or as She decides. And it does not always decide the same. If you adore his feet or his vertigo high heels, try with your tongue, give him the maximum satisfaction.

If your body is filled with pain at the contact of their pliers, needles, whip or whip, thanking will be the most successful.

If enemas imprison your bladder, the nectar from her sex leaves you half-blind, and face-sitting breathless, show her a grateful smile.

With such simple rules you may be right but I am sure there is something for which you will not have an answer. I mean when the Asturian Dominatrix, beautiful and seductive like the Sirens of the Cantabrian Sea, whispers in your ear in French, a language that she masters perfectly. French domination? Forget about putting labels on things and be realistic: their voice, like that of the Mermaids, will trap you forever in their nets.

Maitresse BDSM

Author: Editor