Beauty Bound Madison Young

Bondage is served fresh at this week. The industrial winch cranks Madison Youngs legs apart and the electric dildo twists into her body as the cameras roll on this hot bondage scene.

Beauty Bound. Madison Young is no amateur when it come to rope bondage, but it is clear that this suspension is a challenge to be taken seriously. We almost had to bail on this set but Madison Young wouldn’t hear of it and instead, she focused and breathed through a painful suspension all in the name of art. What a gal!

The Mistress is in. And Madison Young is at the service of Mistress Jay, a dominant woman who’s sadism and skill is surpassed only by her beauty.

Pussy Play is on the top of the list when Madison is strapped into a dungeon chair, leaving her exposed and helpless under the Good Mistress’ fingertips.

Everything sweet and nice. Madison Young personifies the good school girl with a wicked side, and we here at are more than happy to help her indulge in that special aspect of her personality.

Madison Young comes to us in a sexy schoolgirl outfit which is slowly used to expose the real girl underneath it all through the magical power of rope bondage.

Author: Editor