Honesty Calliaro Tied Up

Honesty Calliaro is a brave girl to drive alone to a hotel room all the way across the country to come to our bondage room where a stranger waits to tie her up. Once inside, nothing else matters but the tight ropes constricting and revealing her body. Honesty Calliaro is tied into several positions and offers her body to the lens in this set of steamy night time desires.

Hottie in Bondage. Honesty Calliaro smiled as she pulled the dildo out of her bag before the shoot. ‘Can you tie this into me?’ How could anyone refuse? In this blast from the archives, Honesty Calliaro is bound into a tight little ball then rolled around on the floor till she is finally satisfied by the thick dildo and one little piece of rope.

This End Up. Honesty Calliaro is suspended and dildo fucked upside down in a set of inverted bondage to come for. This hottie loves the ropes and the dildo is just icing on the cake for this set. We love a woman that loves bondage, thank you Honesty Calliaro!

The Crotchrope is a favorite tie for obvious reasons, and here we catch Honesty Calliaro transformed from sultry to smoldering by the tie’s striking seductive powers.

Back to Back these two beauties pull, tug, and hang together through a tough set of rope suspension. Honesty Calliaro is no stranger to rope bondage. This set of predicament bondage uses pulleys and leverage.

Author: Editor