Japanese Shibari Masters

Inversion and suspension bondage techniques stem from japanese ropemasters of classic oriental shibari. These highly skilled men and women can make pure artworks out of bondage. They know the pressure points. They know their ropes The slave girls to endure a rope bound session by these masters are transformed from human being to living artworks. We can only hope to reach a fraction of the skills of the japanese shibari masters and asian riggers of bondage. We are not trying to compete. We hail these masters and simply try to give our slant, input and tribute to their skills.

suspension bondage kumimonster

The above are both original suspension bondage images done by us. First one is british amateur bondage babe Dolly suspended, whereas the second is longtime shining star of the bondage world Kumimonster visiting our dungeon for an intense session. But really, these lovely playmates in bondage are just examples of ropeworks and suspension. Bondage is for all kinky girls to enjoy.